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Test Results

Scabos Travertine Test Results of ASTM C-1527 Test Standard
MethodRequirementsClassificationTest ValuesComments
ASTM C-170 min 7,500 psi Exterior 15,400 psi


  min 5,000 psi Interior 16,000 psi Passes
      19,300 psi Passes
      16,500 psi Passes
      Average:16,880 psi Exterior or Interior use
**This test describes the test methods to determine the differences in compressive strength between various dimension stones including granite, limestone, marble and sandstone.
MethodRequirementsClassificationTest ValuesComments
ASTM C-880 min 500 psi Exterior 1069 psi Passes
  min 500 psi Interior 965 psi Passes
      1102 psi Passes
      1089 psi Passes
      1116 psi Passes
      Avarage: 1068 psi Exterior or Interiror Use
**This method is useful in indicating the differences in flexural strength between the various dimension stones.

Applied after freeze &thaw tests

MethodRequirementsClassificationTest ValuesComments
ASTM C-880     2123 psi Stone increased flexuralstrength
On Freeze- Thaw Durabilty Samples     1902 psi Stone increased flexuralstrength
      2040 psi Stone increased flexuralstrength 
      Avarage: 2022psi  Stone increased flexural strength 
**This method is useful in indicating the differences in flexural strength between the various dimension stones. This test is done to see the durability of stone after freeze & thaw tests are applied
MethodRequirementsClassificationTest ValuesComments

Water Absorption 

ASTM1 C-97

max. 2.5% Exterior 1.50% Passes
    Interior 1.73% Passes
      1.61% Passes
      1.63% Passes
      Average:1.61% Exterior or Interiror Use
Density ASTM C-97 min. 144 lbs/ft³ Exterior 147.7  lbs/ft³ Passes
  min. 144 lbs/ft³   Interior 147.3  lbs/ft³ Passes
      147.3  lbs/ft³ Passes
      Average:147.7  lbs/ft³ Exterior or Interior Use
**Water Absorption test method covers the tests for determining the absorption and bulk specific gravity of all types of dimension stone.
**Density test method is useful in indicating the differences in absorption between the various dimension stones
MethodRequirementsClassificationTest ValuesComments
Freeze- Thaw Durability ASTM C-666 200 Cycles Relative Dynamic % Modulus 88 Information Only
    Sample % Wt. Loss 0.05 Information Only
    yes 0.05