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At Lifestile, our goal is to produce and deliver unique travertine tile products, travertine tile and natural stone tile to the global natural stone tile market.Continuing the tradition of the original Scabos name, a brand created byLifestile, our company is poised to deliver the highest quality tile, mosaic tiles, moldings, medallions, borders, pattern sets, pavers, and pool copings direct from Turkey to the US market.Natural stone materials, such as marble, and travertine, are known for producing the finest and most durable tiles. Turkey is well known for producing natural stone, and travertine tile.Tiles constructed from travertineare frequently utilized for interior floors, exterior floors, patios and porches, countertops, bathrooms, showers, pools, walls and fireplaces.Lifestile, creators of the Scabos brand of travertine stone tiles, has been supplying the global natural stone tile market for over thirty years.Building on the unique and creative designs of our famous Scabos brand of tiles, Lifestile is proud to provide travertine tiles direct to the US market.

Natural stone materials, such as marble, and travertine, are renowned for producing the best tile products on the market.Travertine is one of the commonly used natural stones for construction and building, both in ancient times and today. Travertine is often referred to as travertine limestone or travertine marble; however, the proper classification of travertine is a limestone material, not a marble.Travertine comes in a variety of interesting colors, ranging from grey to red. In Roman times, travertine was used for building temples, monuments, aqueducts, and famous amphitheaters, such as the Colosseum, which is generally considered to be the world's largest structure built mainly from travertine.In modern times, travertine has been used in the construction of many famous skyscrapers, such as the Sears Tower in Chicago.

In the past decade, Turkey has emerged as a leader in the world travertine market.Our warehouses in North America receive over 50 containers each month direct from our facilities in Turkey, ensuring that there is a ready supply of natural stone tiles, travertine tiles, mosaic tiles, flooring tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, medallions, pool copings, pavers, and other stone tiles.